House Progress!

Whoa…I disappeared again. I actually wrote a couple of posts since my last one…wrote them, saved as drafts, meant to add photos and publish later, but I never did anything with them. They are all just still sitting in my drafts folder. Oh well.

I don’t really want to talk about bikes and ankles, both are progressing and coming along. Eric’s been great about documenting our bike adventures. Besides that we have been busy. Busy with work and travel and HOUSE STUFF! Which is why I am writing again today, because I want to document the progress of our house!

So we bought our first house spring of this year. And things have slowly been coming together. I think the first floor, the living, dining, and kitchen, will actually be complete by the end of the year.

It’s definitely taking a while because we are buying things second hand or making them ourselves (err Eric is making them).

So let’s start outside of our house, one of our first projects was painting the front door. We wanted our door to stand out, and we surprisingly came to the decision to paint it yellow quite easily. I like the yellow, but I’m not sure if it’s grown on me as much as I was hoping. It’s bright. And you can see dirt on it easily. So I don’t know, I’m ok with keeping it but I’m not sure if it’s a forever color.


And one of the first new purchases for the house was a cat doorbell Eric surprised me with! It’s so simple but I love it!!


And a recent home purchase was buying a new front porch light, ours was broken off when we moved in. Of course we could have gone to Home Depot and bought a new light, but where’s the fun in that? One weekend afternoon we walked over to The Classic Lighting Emporium on Frankford Ave. to look at lights. It actually took us a few visits to finally make it inside  because we kept going when it was closed.

If you are in Philly I highly recommend going there to check it out, the place is awesome. SOOO many lights everywhere, ranging in cost from >$100 to thousands of dollars. We picked up a new front porch light for around $50, and I can’t remember the exact year but I think it’s from the 1930s? The guy that works there is super knowledgeable on all things lights, so I am glad we found a “light guy”.

Ok moving inside, the first floor isn’t that big and is completely open. This past weekend we finally made it up to Lambertville to check out the Golden Nugget Antique Market…flea markets and antique markets are our new hobby. That market is a pretty crazy one, there are some vendors that are super niche in what they sale. So we were walking around and then I spot a cool looking lamp…I’ve been looking for one to put next to the couch. The guy gives us some whole spiel on the lamp, one of the first portable lamps, from the 1920s, used in gas stations, he could easily sell it on eBay for $750, yadda, yadda. We of course know nothing about lamps so we walk away and then frantically start googling this lamp on our phones. He wasn’t BSing us so after a few minutes we go back over and start haggling and walk away with this rad lamp! When we got home Eric re-wired and plugged it in and WE HAVE LIGHT!

Another new addition is the TV stand, we picked this up from Jinxed. Definitely  hit or miss stuff, but their instagram and stores are worth checking out. It looks wood but it’s actually metal with fake wood over it, it’s pretty crazy, but holds our TV as well as other odds and ends so works for us! We also picked up ametal drawer unit from Jinxed, it’s eventually going to go in the basement, but it’s super heavy so it’s just been sitting on the first floor since we bought it (not shown).


Our biggest ongoing project right now is the kitchen table. We both wanted a farmhouse style table, but they are expensive and huge, we do not have lots of money and live in a small house. So of course the most logical thing to do is make our own table! Eric got the wood from the abandoned coal shipping piers along the Delaware River. So we have reclaimed wood, and then he picked up some cast iron legs when we were in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. Right now he’s in the process of getting the table set up and I gave him a deadline of Thanksgiving so that we can eat at the table. It’s going to be really cool!! I can’t wait for it to be finished. I will post photos once it actually looks like a table!

Ok this is getting long so I will finish with the newest complete project, my commuter bike stand! I had a general idea of what I wanted, something industrial looking to hold my bike, but also provide some storage to hold my helmet and other commuting items (gloves, hats, etc.).

We put the rack part up a while back, it’s some plumbing pipes, and have been on the hunt for a perfect sized box to add to the rack. We finally found one at the Golden Nugget Flea Market and Eric attached the box to the pipes.


And then finally, I sewed some curtains for above the sink. Nothing special but I haven’t sewn in forever so that was fun!


So there are some house updates…there’s a pretty common theme, I think of what I want and Eric executes. But he also has some pretty awesome ideas so I can’t take all the credit.







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It’s Ok

A lot has happened and I don’t even feel like attempting to recap, so I will just jump right into now.

I kept meaning to make an update on my ankle so here goes. I never know how to answer when someone asks “how’s the ankle?” I am sure they are expecting an enthusiastic “oh great! I am back to X, Y, and Z.” but usually all I can muster is “it’s ok. Not great, but ok.”

I’m never not aware of it. Always feeling, or not feeling, something. There’s still a lot of nerve damage. I can’t bend my big toe. It hurts if I walk or stand for a while. I can’t run. I still have a small fracture along one of the screws. I have to wear a bone stimulator everyday for half an hour.

I think what’s surprised most people, and I guess myself, is I am riding my bike again. A lot. I commute everyday and have been trying to get back into race shape.

I recently rode the furthest I have ever ridden, 105 miles. Riding feels good. It doesn’t really bother my ankle, especially low-impact riding, it stretches it out, and I really only start to feel it if I am climbing a lot.


I spent most of the year telling myself I would take this year easy to get back into the swing of things. I wouldn’t pressure myself and racing cyclocross this year was off the table. And then I don’t know, FOMO (fear of missing out), happened and I have spent most of August trying to get myself into some sort of shape so that I can race.


But I am having a hard time getting out of the mindset of racing, and just riding for fun. Racing myself. That’s what I should do, but instead I find myself stressing out about the whole thing. I don’t want to be just ok. I want to be at the front. I want to be racing.

I know it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be tough when girls I beat last year beat me this year. I feel like my racing this year needs an asterisk. *broke ankle and spent four months not walking. That’s why I suck, I’m slow because while you were riding all year I was sitting on the couch with a cast on.

No one but myself really cares about my results. And I’m not planning on racing to “prove” myself. I like it because it’s fun. I like the community. I’d be going to the races any way to watch Eric.


It’s just tough knowing that last year I was at the front and this year I’ll be hanging at the back, not up to my best ability.

There’s still three weeks till the first race…915695_821375041214658_2013515238_n



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Home Sweet Home

I am due to write a fairly long update, about life, my ankle, getting back on the bike, but life has been pretty busy because at the end of April Eric and I closed on our first home!!

Buying a home was…interesting? We had started looking towards the end of the year last year and then stopped when I broke my ankle (because all Philly homes have stairs!), started looking online again in February, and then found the perfect house and somehow everything fell into place and it’s ours.

The house is in great shape so we have only been doing small projects here and there. As much as I liked the idea of buying a home and re-doing everything ourselves….that’s just not my style. So it’s been nice having small projects that don’t feel totally overwhelming or HAVE to get done.

We (actually Eric) did the biggest change this weekend and painted our front door BRIGHT YELLOW. It’s bright but I love it and we got a lot of compliments on it while he was outside painting.

As the boxes get unpacked and cleared I plan on taking more photos. It’s been a little overwhelming going from a small one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom home, I’m not used to have space to put things.

Oh and we bought in Philly, we aren’t quite ready for ‘burb life. 

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