we made it to birmingham!

after almost 12 hours of driving, including stops, we made it to birmingham!

one of our first stops was in tyler, to see morgan! hey morgan – i am not sure if you read this, but you are awesome. i am so glad that you have been one of my best friends for so long. yay for design class.

then we continued on I-20…there are casinos in gas stations in louisiana.

our second stop was in jackson, ms. we stopped to eat at cool al’s. they probably had the best french fries i have ever had! it was a hole in the wall, but if you ever go there, i recommend stopping there.

and then we made it to birmingham, and i am currently sitting on one of those beds. ahhh. we are staying at aloft.
hopefully in the morning i can use their awesome gym, then it’s off to atlanta! thankfully it’s a short drive.

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2 Responses to we made it to birmingham!

  1. Diana says:

    Those beds look so comfortable!

  2. wyldharee says:

    I do read it and thank you! You are awesome too! I’m totally sad you guys moved. I am coming as soon as I can to visit!

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