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  1. i wanted to tell you, mango ALWAYS gets uti’s, and the vet actually wanted to put him down a few weeks ago. we brought him home to consider it, and i read online to give him a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar every day.. at first i had to force it down, but then i just started adding it to his food. we also started buying special food formulated to help urinary health.. he’s fine! it took a few weeks, but he’s back to 100%!
    it really pisses me off that we almost put him down. i want to take him back to the vet and yell at her.
    she suggested we put him down cause we couldn’t afford the 3500 dollar surgery, the bottle of apple cider vinegar was 99 cents!
    i want to punch her.
    anywho, thought it might help!
    longest comment ever!!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    thanks so much for that info! i definitely have apple cider vinegar on hand and will try it out.
    the vet told me she just has a high pH level and this is something that will happen if i don’t keep it in check.
    i’m glad mango is doing better though!

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