Our weekend in NYC/Brooklyn cont.

As usual Eric and I woke up Saturday morning starving. Once we all pulled ourselves together we headed out to get brunch.



We headed to Bliss Cafe, only to find out they wouldn’t open for another hour or so. I couldn’t wait that long, so we headed across the street to Wild Ginger, an all vegan pan-asian restaurant. It was pretty difficult to switch from pancakes to Asian style dining, but luckily Wild Ginger did not disappoint at all.


We started with some miso soup.


Followed by two appetizers. Eric and I ordered the Indian pancakes with a curry dipping sauce.
Oh my god amazing. The pancakes were light and fluffy and the sauce was perfection.


Becca ordered the scallion pancakes, and I was able to snag a piece. These were topped with a mango salsa and were equally delicious.


For our entrees Eric ordered the basil soy protein.

Becca ordered the sweet and sour sesame soy protein.

And I was the lame/odd one out because I ordered a salad. But it was delicious!

After stuffing ourselves we walked around Brooklyn, popping in and out of shops.

As we were talking I heard someone call my name, turned around, and saw a friend from college. He was out walking his dog, who happened to be the cutest puppy ever.

We hung out in Brooklyn some more before heading into Manhattan for the day.

And I’m gonna leave off there for now…still have a lot more photos to go through.

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5 Responses to Our weekend in NYC/Brooklyn cont.

  1. Eric says:

    oh boy! that dog….

  2. Katie says:

    That IS the cutest puppy ever. I am puppy-crazed right now… but it’s better than baby-crazed! Ha.

  3. Bianca says:

    Cute pup! And Asian food for breakfast is delicious! My boyfriend and I sometimes go for Chinese buffet around brunch time on the weekends.

  4. Lauren says:

    Chinese buffet?! You would probably have to roll me out of there!

  5. amazing blog!
    looking at your photos got me excited for my trip to my boyfriend’s hometown in a month! LOVE NYC!

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