Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 11

Eric and I were able to split the duties of the CSA this week, he picked it up, I was left to photograph and make dinner with the contents.
As usual we were pretty excited about this weeks content! Lots of goodies here.

1 Bunch Herbs – certified organic – Noble Herbs

8 or 9 Ears of Corn – certified organic – Farmdale Organics

1 Bag Green Okra – certified organic – Green Acres Organics

1 Bag Yukon Gold Potatoes – certified organic – Hillside Organics

1 Bag Royal Burgundy Beans– certified organic – Maple Lawn Organics

1 Bag Onions- certified organic – Goshen View Organics

For dinner I made salt and vinegar potatoes and green beans. I had been craving salt and vinegar potatoes since I first saw it on 101 Cookbooks, then Angela at Oh She Glows took it a step further with adding the green beans. It was delicious.
(I used a mixture of some older red potatoes, and this weeks gold potatoes)

I am also really excited for all the corn we got. I can’t wait to grill it, eat it raw in salads, and hopefully make some corn fritters!
Anyone have any good okra recipes? I haven’t had okra since I was a little kid.

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9 Responses to Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 11

  1. Lacey says:

    I adore okra. I think it goes best in gumbos, but it’s also great pickled, roasted whole, and of course-breaded in cornmeal and fried!! (But you have to bread it in cornmeal if you’re going to make it the way we do in the south!)

  2. tastymoog says:

    ooh, we did potatoes and green beans this weekend too, but with lemon and dill. got a post scheduled for tomorrow. :)

  3. Lacey says:

    The challenge sounds great; but if I was part of a CSA; i probably wouldn’t do the challenge until the CSA deliveries stop :)

  4. I like roasting okra in the oven with a bit of EVOO until it gets crispy and browned. Then, eat it with ketchup like fries!

  5. Melissa Cari says:

    Seriously your photos make me feel like I can reach into the screen and grab those veggies! I actually feel disappointed when I realize I can’t :( I’ve never tried okra but definitely need to. I feel like I’ve seen it so much around the blog world!

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