Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 18

The CSA for the week:

1 Bag Shallots – certified organic – Shady Brook Organics (½lb)

2 Leeks – certified organic – Meadow Valley Organics

2 Green Acorn Squash – certified organic – Railroad Organics, traded 2 Sweet Onions – certified organic – Farmdale Organics for another since we have sooo many onions right now. Its looking to be French onion soup time!

1 Bag Roma Tomatoes – certified organic – Millwood Springs Organics (1lb)

1 Bunch Kale – certified organic – Farmdale Organics

1 Head Red Romaine Lettuce – certified organic – Bellview Organics


1 Bag Red Potatoes – certified organic – Green Valley Organics (3lbs)

1 Eggplant – certified organic – Farmdale Organics

For dinner I roasted slices of the acorn squash in some coconut oil, salt, and pepper along with some peppers and onions. I also made some risotto and some baked kale chips to go along side the risotto to give the creamy rice some texture.


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3 Responses to Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 18

  1. Jessica says:

    What a great haul! Your dinner looks perfect. Yum!

  2. Scargosun says:

    Coconut oil on eggplant. What a great idea!

  3. Melisser says:

    Mmm, Acorn Squash! I am dying for some kale.

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