A Miko Update

I know, I know, I posted yesterday that my parents were about to head to the vet to put our cat Miko down. Unfortunately I posted pre-maturely because MIKO IS ALIVE.

Here is proof my dad sent me:

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I wanted to thank you all for the nice comments and also give you an update on the cat situation. Right before my parents were going to head to the vet, Miko got some strange burst of energy and seemed to be fine.

They ended up still taking her in, just to check her out and see what their options were. Miko does have cancer, and it’s bad. The vet gave them a few options, put her down right then, do nothing and just let her live out her last few days, or give her an injection to help with the pain of the cancer.

My parents went with option 3, and Miko received an injection. They realize the cancer is bad and it’s not going away, but she has been in good spirits the past two days, wandering around, going outside, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to put her down right away. They will be keeping a close eye on her, and when the time is right, have her put down.

She more than likely does not have much time left, but for now she is still kicking!

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2 Responses to A Miko Update

  1. Guess I commented prematurely, haha! Well that’s great news that she’s still kickin’! I hope she stays well for as long as possible.

  2. scargosun says:

    Glad Miko can finish what ever unfinished business she had. :)

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