Cutting Up The Ice!

Last night we did something a little different and went ICE SKATING! Each winter the Penn’s Landing puts in an ice skating rink, the RiverRink.

Our friends Juli and Adam were awesome enough to meet up with us on the cold, windy night.

Most of us hadn’t skated in a few years, I don’t think I have ice skated in well over 15 years. We were a little rusty the first few times around the rink, but eventually got the hang out it.

Watch out Apolo Ohno!

Coincidentally enough, Adam actually won the CSN giveaway! Congrats! Eric will be in touch with details.
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5 Responses to Cutting Up The Ice!

  1. Sara says:

    That’s so fun!! :) I love skating on open air rinks… :)

  2. simon says:

    that looks cold. I prefer warmth and hot cocoa. :)

  3. julianna says:

    woo hoo! that was so much fun! i want to go again soon! i think this might be the winter for participating in winter sports!

  4. Fun! Unfortunately, our only ice rink in Memphis is at the zoo….and I refuse to go to the zoo. :-(

  5. adam says:

    YESSSSSSS! I’m psyched I won! Thanks guys.

    skating was also a good time. I have a nice fat blister to show for it too.

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