Photos From The Holiday!

I had every intention of blogging during the holiday break, but I was just way too busy to even get on the computer! My time has been filled with lots of family and friends, and it’s been a nice break to re-charge a bit.

My parents have an annual Christmas Eve party, that I always look forward too. My mom and I spent two days cooking and baking up a storm. My mom pulled out all stops and it was a great party.

We have another tradition of taking a shot of Jager on Christmas Eve. This year my dad was more prepared than ever with this bottle.

Baxter kept a watchful eye on everyone.

The party always starts out pretty classy and innocent, but once the drinks start flowing things tend to get a little crazy.

Oh and you better believe this happened with the Jager.

We opened presents Christmas Eve, then Santa came Christmas morning.

The dogs were a little tired from the party the previous night.

I had a great Christmas and got some fabulous gifts, but I was most excited about my Canon G12! No more lugging the DSLR around!

After breakfast we all headed south to Odessa to see the rest of my family. There were babies galore present.

Then we drove back to Lubbock later that night.

Once we got back and I went to a few different bars to meet up with friends.

And now I am currently plopped on the couch and this is my current situation.

And I should throw out that I totally have dog fever after hanging out with Bueller and Baxter all weekend.

Baxter thought he might blog for a bit.

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4 Responses to Photos From The Holiday!

  1. kristastes says:

    I love jager and I LOVE your family tradition! I think you need to bring that back to Philly :) Also, you need to get a (kitty-friendly) pup so we can have philly blogger pup playdates.

  2. julianna says:

    i love how baxter totally thinks he’s a lap dog. i want him. pleeeaasseee? bring him back to philly with you. i want to hold him like a baby.

  3. Sara says:

    I pretty much love Baxter.

  4. Jessica says:

    Love all the photos! I wish I could comment on each & every one of them!

    You always look so darling.

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