A Side of Drinks Please

Last night I met up with Leslie and Melissa for a night out on the town! We met up at The Franklin because neither of them had ever been! Everyone in Philly needs to experience The Franklin atleast once.

We each ordered our own cocktails, but you better believe there was a group taste testing.

After finishing up there we decided to head to the end of the block to finally go to The Dandelion! It’s Stephen Starr’s latest restaurant/bar, and he definitely pulled out all the stops on this one.

The place was packed, but luckily we scored seats in the bar area (after walking through all the rooms).

Vegan options are pretty much non-existent, and it is expensive, but it’s definitely worth it to stop by and grab a drink. And make sure you go upstairs to check out the dog room.

I had a ton of fun getting together with those two and talking all night. I am pretty sure I talked their ears off, but it was so nice to have some ‘girl’ time.

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  1. julianna says:

    i’m so glad you went!!! did you like it!? the dog bar is my favorite!! (i actually went there last night to for drinks after work. i think i’m addicted to dandelion!)

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