Antwerpen and Sint Niklaas Day 2

I hope everyone is ready for another monster of a post…


Eric and I slept pretty late on Sunday but we had a big day ahead of us and swung by the market to grab some bread before going to the train station.



Our main plan for the day was to go to the small town of Sint Niklaas for a beer festival, but our train went through Antwerpen so we got off and explored for a few hours.

Even the train station was really pretty.


IMG_5144 IMG_1451 IMG_5140

Antwerpen was a hopping and a bustling for a Sunday afternoon so we just kind of followed the crowds and did a lot of walking and exploring.


IMG_1463 IMG_1473 IMG_1476 IMG_1481

Eric even found his hero!

IMG_1499 IMG_1498

And I am making it my goal to take a picture with every fry man I find!

IMG_1500 IMG_1504

Before boarding the train to Sint Niklaas we stopped at Subway. And we got a 5 EURO 30 CENTIMETER LONG!! Not as catchy as 5 dollar footlong though.



Then we made our way to the beer festival! It was out of control. Beers were cheap and you got a full glass. Dangerous.


Funny story, we were on the train to the festival and this guy comes up to us to ask if we are going to Sint Niklaas and if we know about some beer thing there. We start talking with him and he ends up being our buddy for the rest of the night. He was from Brasil and has been traveling around Europe for a few weeks.



IMG_1536 IMG_1521 IMG_1525


I’m thinking about starting a Kale Riders gang, I will start accepting applications soon.


Towards the end things started to get a little funny. Everyone was tipsy and extremely friendly. We got to know a few locals.


IMG_1554 IMG_1551

It was a late night and I think we caught the last train back to Brussels!

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11 Responses to Antwerpen and Sint Niklaas Day 2

  1. Lisa C. says:

    Please know that I am loving these posts! Can’t wait for day 3!

  2. tastymoog says:

    kale riders! awesome. 😀

  3. RhodeyGirl says:

    I can’t wait for day 3 either Lisa!!!

    Lauren I love living vicariously through your trip!

  4. susan says:

    I got stuck in Amsterdam one night…I missed the last train out…oh dear

  5. julianna says:

    i’m so jealous/loving these posts.

  6. Kelly says:

    Ah I have SO many questions for you about eating vegan while abroad. I can’t wait to pick your brain!

    • lauren says:

      I am planning on writing a post like that when we get back, if I can remember! It hasn’t been impossible, you just have to plan ahead!

  7. Abby says:

    Your recap’s making me antsy for a trip!

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