Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 2

Eric and I are still trying to figure out if and how we are going to do the weekly CSA posts. They are a lot of fun in the beginning, but by week 10 or so it can get a little tedious.

But on that note, here is this weeks bounty of green, green and more green!

1 Bunch Green Kale – Certified Organic – Life Enhancing Acres

1 Bag Broccoli – Certified Organic – Farmdale Organics

1 Bag Arugula – Certified Organic – Farmdale Organics

1 Bunch French Breakfast Radishes – Certified Organic – Meadow Brook Organics
swapped out for more kale!

1 Head Red Leaf Lettuce – Certified Organic – Railroad Organics

1 Bunch Red Scallions – Certified Organic – Sweetaire Farm

1 Bag Spinach – Certified Organic – Autumn Blend Organics

It’s no secret and I am a total nerd, especially a food nerd. I knew with all of these leafy greens the only way we would actually get through them all is if I washed them all immediately. And then I took it a step further and labeled each container so we can easily pick and choose our greens. Major nerd alert.

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4 Responses to Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 2

  1. jackie says:

    maybe do a weekly lunch/dinner post? That way you can talk about what you got from your csa and how you utilized your produce?
    Or make produce dresses and make kitta and grissom pose in them. Grissom can deliver some serious gender bending action.

  2. Kelly says:

    That is so anal- I love it :)

  3. sarah says:

    did you know that PBR uses corn syrup in it’s beer?

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