Going Into Our Third Year

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, but today marks our 2 year anniversary in Philly!


Sometimes I can’t believe we really did it, and sometimes it still feels like we just moved.

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6 Responses to Going Into Our Third Year

  1. Happy Anniversary! Just wait until you hit the five year mark and think of all the changes that have happened in the city. Its a great place and I’m glad you guys are enjoying it.

  2. Sara says:

    I feel like you just moved? lol…

    That’s really awesome though – I love it!

    Time flies so fast…

  3. kristastes says:

    woot woot! Congrats!! also, we are black jetta twins :)

  4. Lauren says:

    congrats on two years!
    i’d give anything to move down to texas actually! austin in particular, i fell in love with that city. but philly is definitely great, especially when you get to experience everything in center city!

  5. Amanda says:

    Holy crap, has it really been two years?? I’m hitting two years at my current job this week. That’s HUGE for me. Yay for not getting laid off!

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