Another Dinner

Eggplant Bruschetta

Last night I made a bruschetta with eggplant, artichokes, tempeh bacon and arugula. All on top of homemade bread.

Eggplant Bruschetta

I am definitely going to be adding this into rotation because it’s really easy to make. I cooked the eggplant and bacon in the oven earlier in the day. When dinner rolled around I chopped up some canned artichoke hearts and combined with the eggplant and some red wine vinegar. It couldn’t be more simple.

Faro Lambic Beer

Dinner was served with a faro lambic beer. The beer was good, but not as good at the faro I had at Cantilllon.

Faro Lambic Beer

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  1. Lindsay Palmer says:

    My boyfriend and I made some coconut bacon. Mostly him. Anyways I found if you use dried coconut flakes in stead of fresh, you end up with these tasty crunchy bits, and I found they are very good on salads. Kind of like bacon bits, but more like savory bits with a nice hint of coconut. Just a thought.

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