Life Through My Phone

Things have been crazy busy for both of us and life isn’t slowing down for a while.

I have some pretty big changes planned for the blog, so it will probably be fairly quiet till I roll that out. (cough cough, new blog)

I’m looking forward to the holiday weekend and hopefully heading to New York City for a day or two. Hope everyone else enjoys the long weekend!





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3 Responses to Life Through My Phone

  1. La says:

    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, eggplant. Mmmm . . .
    New blog? Well, it has been 2 years (already!) since you said goodbye to Texas. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

  2. Amanda says:

    oh, that’s so exciting! i recently stumbled across your blog and it’s become my new favorite! can’t wait to see the new layout! :-)

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