Cookies Make Everything Better

vegan chocolate chip cookies
I surprised Eric by baking him these chocolate chip cookies. GIRLFRIEND OF THE YEAR AWARD, RIGHT HERE! Not really. He deserved them because he listens to me complain about how stressful my life is when it really isn’t and he works a bajillion more hours a week than I do. Plus I ate 5 cookies before he even got home.

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5 Responses to Cookies Make Everything Better

  1. Haha! I’ll listen to you complain about your life for some cookies too….

  2. pam chesnutt says:

    you’re goofy

  3. maegan says:

    Can I have the recipe?!?

  4. Those cookies look amazing! I’ll be making some very soon :)

    Off topic, but I know you’re into bicycling do you have any knowledge about the bikes that Sole ( makes? If so are they a decent bike for commuting/day trips? I’m looking for something like this towards spring of next year. Maybe you have a better recommendation that’s wthin a comparable price range.

    • Eric says:

      Hmm I don’t know much about those specifically but I ride a ss/fg setup as my commuter. Send me a email if you want and I can try to get a better sense of what you’ll need out of a bike.

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