Christmas in Lubbock

Eric and I spent Christmas Eve and Day in Lubbock with my family. One of the best parts was we had a white Christmas!

it does snow in texas

My parents have a Christmas Eve party, so Eric and I picked up a few bottles of beer. Everything is so cheap here compared to the east coast.

My mom does a fabulous job of decorating the house.

Me and my brother.
me and my brother

Me and my dad.
me and my dad

My mom made vegan coffee cake for Christmas breakfast.
coffee cake for breakfast

Then we got down to present business.
christmas morning

And then everyone took naps.
dog naps

It continued snowing throughout the day, but most of it was melting by the time it hit the ground. Eric and I got out and took my parent’s dogs on a short run around the neighborhood.

We were all embarrassed by Eric’s outfit.

There are only a few bars open on Christmas and everyone goes to them. It’s like a high school reunion no matter which bar you choose.
I met up with my best friends Rachel and Lindsay for schooners.. We spent a lot of time here during college.


And then ended the night at Fox & Hound which is always crazy.
fox & hound

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  1. Lacey says:

    I’m so jealous that you had snow! It was like 60 degrees in Nashville on Christmas. Your parents have a GORGEOUS house!

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