Instagrams of Texas

Eating massive amount of foods, especially chips and salsa, and going to our favorite Mexican food restaurant.


Endless miles of flat deserted land. I used to hate this view, but now I kind of miss it.


Lubbock used to be a dry county, but now you can buy booze in city limits. Beer is also really cheap.


Everything about Christmas was amazing. My mom out did herself with finding a vegan Tory Burch bag for me. It’s pretty much the perfect work/laptop bag.


When I say beer is cheap, I mean ridiculously cheap. These were $2.


I’m glad I got to see my two favorite ladies. And Rachel drew a picture of me blogging at the bar.


Massive amounts of dog cuddles. And Eric got his first pedicure. Haha.



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2 Responses to Instagrams of Texas

  1. That’s a cute handbag. I wouldn’t think it was Tory Burch. I like it!

    Oh my God Eric looks absolutely frightened. Awesome pic!

  2. Sarah says:

    Heheeee! Love it. I’m in Ohio – still – for the holidays. Univ. of Vermont is closed for the week between Xmas and New Year’s. I also love the flat landscape (which I used to hate), cheap drinks (which I used to take for granted), and cute pets (which I always enjoy).

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