The Weekend

Christmas isn't over

He's so handsome

Homemade bread for breakfast



Kit Cat

This is the first weekend in a while that Eric and I did not spend a lot of time together. The weather was really nice so we spent most of it outside doing our own thing.
If you take a look in our fridge you might think it’s still Christmas time because it’s filled with Christmas beers. Delicious Christmas beers. Sunday night we shared this Lambickx which was one of the best beers I have had in a while.

The cats have been extra cute lately, but I feel like that’s a given. Grissom is always photogenic, but Kitta is a little harder to get because she is so black, and is usually laying on a dark blanket, and just kind of blends in.

And I am finally back on the homemade bread train. I used to make bread atleast once a week but then got out of habit. I’ve been sort of cheating by using the bread machine, but hey, it still tastes good.

Since the marathons I have kind of been all over the place with running. I would start each week really strong and motivated, but by Thursday running would be the last thing I wanted to do. Well this past week I feel like I finally had a break through. I had a consistent week of great miles. I’m not training for anything right now but just trying to get a good base up.
Monday: 7 miles, I had Monday off of work and was able to get out on the Schuylkill Trail for a decent run.
Tuesday: 3 miles + weights, I woke up before work and headed to a completely dead gym. Ran an easy 3 then did a quick full body weight session.
Wednesday: 4 miles, Woke up early again and hit the gym before work.
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 6 miles, I worked from home so I was able to get out for a longer run in the morning. I ran over to Lemon Hill and just ran up and down the hills over there. A pretty blah run.
Saturday: 9 miles, Made my way to Wissahickon and ran on Forbidden Drive. My legs felt pretty dead but I love running the trail over there so much.
Sunday: 3 miles + weights, Pretty much the same workout from Tuesday.

Grand total of 32 miles and 2 strength training sessions.

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3 Responses to The Weekend

  1. susan says:

    Are they full time indoor kitties now?

    • Lauren says:

      Yes! They haven’t been out since I made the “big decision.” They are actually doing great now. There were a couple of weeks (or months) of crying at the door, but they don’t bother anymore.
      Hopefully one day I can live in a house with a big sunroom for them!

  2. Sarah says:

    Gosh, I love homemade bread and good beer. What a combo!

    My cat was a rescue I found on craigslist this fall. He had been living under a shed on some people’s vacation property. (They think his mother died. So sad!) I thought he might have trouble adjusting to being an indoor cat. He LOVES being inside. In fact, he hides when I open the door. Sort of funny.

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