The Weekend

My birthday is Tuesday, so we sort of spent the entire weekend celebrating! It was a lot of fun and filled with good times.

After months of talking about it, Eric and I finally grabbed breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe. We practically live across the street, but usually don’t want to deal with the brunch crowds.
It was definitely worth the wait because our food was amazing (as well as the service). They have a couple of vegan items on the menu and we ordered the French Toast and Pumpkin Waffles to share.

Green Eggs Cafe

Green Eggs Cafe

It was freezing this past weekend but we made ourselves get out and walk around a bit.

We stopped by to check out Shane Confectionery. The candy store dates back to 1863 and was recently reopened by the brothers who run Franklin Fountain. It’s filled with candy the original shop sold as well as some new sweets!

Shane's Confectionary

We picked up some candy then headed to Khyber Pass Pub for some beer and popcorn.

Because of the holiday today we had some friends over last night for a mini birthday celebration. Eric surprised me with this giant bottle of Mikkeller Red/White Christmas.


See, it’s giant!


We sat around trying to figure out what to do on a Sunday night and finally settled on checking out the re-vamped J&J Trestle Inn. We used to always want to check out this bar, but it was seriously one of the scariest looking bars (from the outside) ever. Diplo bought it a while back and transformed it into a whiskey and go go bar.

J&J Trestle Inn

We were the only people in there for most of the night so we had our own private dance party. It was the beeeest!

J&J Trestle Inn

J&J Trestle Inn

J&J Trestle Inn

There’s a good chance we headed to the casino after dancing, and gambling at 3 am is never a good idea. Thank god we have today off work.

J&J Trestle Inn

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9 Responses to The Weekend

  1. tasty moog says:

    the last couple of times i have gone to shane, they have been out of chocolate covered pretzels. they are so good!

    i need to check out the new trestle inn!

    • Lauren says:

      yea definitely check it out! i hear it’s pretty crowded on the weekends so i would be interested to see how the vibe is then.

  2. Happy (early) birthday! Those waffles look amazing!

  3. Looks like fun! The French toast looks delicious. Happy Birthday!

  4. Vanessa says:

    Sharing breakfast is the best way to go! Both of your dishes look soooo good.

    The candy shop looks like it’s straight out of Diagon Alley, meow Harry Potter meow.

    I always love your weekend in photos… and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  5. Sarah says:

    Happy early birthday! You did a good job covering lots of fun things this weekend: brunch, candy, beer, dancing, and gambling. I think I want all those things for my birthday this year.

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