Vegan Wing Bowl

Last Saturday we headed to The Abbaye, one of our favorite neighborhood bars/restaurants for the 2nd Annual Vegan Wing Bowl!

Eric participated last year, and he was able to convince his friend Jamie to join in the fun this year.

There were a lot more competitors this year, so it was divided up into groups of 4-5. The plan was to eat as many wings as possible in 2 minutes, then your tray would be weighed.
Eric went in the first group. He put up a good fight, but didn’t come close to winning. The guy who won his round almost threw up once the time finished, it was pretty gross.

A few groups later Jamie went. Eric was able to give him some tips and tricks, and Jamie ended up getting 2nd place overall!

You’d think after speed eating they would be done, but nope, we grabbed a table and sat down to have a real meal. Eric and Jamie even grabbed a few plates of spare wings to snack on while we ate fries and meatball sandwiches. Oh to be a guy who bikes a zillion miles a week and never puts on weight.

And Jamie with this 2nd place loot!

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3 Responses to Vegan Wing Bowl

  1. Eric looks scared in the first picture. Haha! The fries look pretty damn good. If they had a fry eating contest I would rock it.

  2. susan says:

    The wings at Blackbirds on Sunday were fantastic! I wish they would be on their regular menu.

    • Lauren says:

      I am happy to hear that! I was interested in trying them, but we were sort of ‘wing’ed out by that point. Hopefully they will make an appearance soon.

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