The Weekend

Eric and I are both still sick with what has become the world’s most annoying cold ever. Between the two of us there has been non-stop coughing and little sleep for over a week. We managed to pull ourselves together and got out for a bit on Sunday to take care of some errands.

We had to drop one of Eric’s bikes off at a bike shop and then took a nice walk through the city back home.

While having a bike is a really efficient and fast way to get around the city, I really like walking and just taking your time going through all of the neighborhoods.

We refueled with a post Christmas beer found in the back of our fridge.

Last night we got to enjoy Portlandia The Tour. We are both big fans of the show and I was excited we got tickets to the show. Unfortunately our dinner plans took longer than expected and we got there late and had pretty crappy seats. Some parts of the show were great and others were meh. I really liked watching Carrie and Fred interact on stage and it is obvious they have a lot of chemistry together. They also played a lot of music together which was great since I am a Sleater-Kinney fan and have always liked Carrie.

We almost never do things like this, so it was nice to go out and have a date night that is a little different.

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2 Responses to The Weekend

  1. I’m so jealous! I love that show. This weekend’s episode was hilarious. Did they play a lot of music?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. jackie says:

    you should come to nyc to the veg food fest. there is a groupon for a two day pass for 15 bucks….AND BRENDAN BRAZIER WILL BE THERE <3 <3 <3

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