Oh Grissom

Spending your night at the emergency vet is not how you want your weekend to end/week to begin.


After a really fun Sunday Funday, Eric and I were hanging out at home, taking care of a few things, and getting ready to head to sleep. I was helping Eric sew up a hole in his gloves. After finishing it I placed the needle and thread in the pin cushion and in a moments time Grissom jumped up on the coffee table and grabbed the needle and thread.

I am sure my screams, followed by tears, did nothing to help the situation, but after chasing him around the house we were able to get all of the thread out of his mouth but the needle had already been swallowed. In the next few minutes we had him packed in his carrier and we were flying down the highway to the emergency vet.
We took Grissom to UPenn’s Emergency Vet Clinic and I was beyond impressed with them. They did a great job of immediately checking us in and keeping us updated throughout the night, which is exactly what you need at midnight.


We really lucked out this time. The vet took X-Rays and the needle had not traveled to his stomach and it was lodged in his throat. They were able to put him under and extract it from his throat, which was really great since I was expecting surgery. A couple of hours after checking in we were able to all leave together.

We always jokily call him Inspector Grissom because he has to investigate everything. I guess now I really need to be more careful with what he is investigating.

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11 Responses to Oh Grissom

  1. Lora says:

    Oh my goodness. A needle is probably the worst thing you can imagine a kitty swallowing. As a paranoid cat lady, I’m so glad to hear Grissom is ok!

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you! He seems to be fully recovered now.

      A needle is one of the worsts! I read a few horror stories online, so I am glad everything turned out ok for him.

  2. I’m so glad he was okay!

  3. Ack! How scary! I’m so glad your kitty was okay and that it was not as bad as it could have been. Poor Grissom!

  4. susan says:

    Why oh why do they do these things? One of my guys insists on eating curling ribbon and choking on it so all wrapping ribbons are locked in a closet. Glad he is ok, I know how scary that can be.

    • Lauren says:

      They are so mischievous! I felt like the world’s worst cat mom, but it happened in seconds. I swear he was just sitting & watching for me to put it down.

  5. Sarah says:

    That is CRAZY scary! So glad that Grissom is okay.

  6. Kelly says:

    Glad Grissom is okay!

  7. julianna says:

    eek! really glad grissom is okay! send him some kitty hugs from me please!!!

  8. Oh, I’m so glad everything turned out okay! How scary is it that he snatched up the needle like that? Fast kitty!

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