Brooklyn for the Day

One of the major perks of being on the east coast is how easy it is to travel. We didn’t have any plans this weekend and one of Eric’s friends happened to be heading to New York for a bike race and we were able to tag along.

We arrived in Brooklyn around mid-morning and set off on foot to find some food. Came upon Sun & Bloom in Park Slope. I had the gluten-free and vegan apple pancakes and they were really good. Eric got a carrot cupcake after breakfast and I stole a few bites. The place was tiny, but it had a cute atmosphere and some good food.

After eating we headed out to Prospect Park to walk around. I’ll admit, I was pretty jealous of everyone out there, they have a really nice running/biking path. We walked around a bit and soaked up the sunshine.

We headed out of the park and started walking around and stumbled upon Bierkraft. It’s a pretty unassuming storefront and you walk in and it looks just like any other bottle shop. But at the back of the place you can buy drafts and they had a whole sandwich shop going on too. It was almost like The Foodery, just better.

They had indoor and outdoor seating and we took our beers outside. I had the Stone Chipotle Smoked Porter. It was interesting, in a good way. I probably couldn’t drink more than one glass, but it hit the spot.

After our beers we were getting a little hungry so we walked a few blocks to ‘sNice. I grabbed the hummus sandwich and Eric had the tempeh reuben. Filled us up without being to heavy.

After eating we walked a bit around Brooklyn.

And eventually made our way over the Brooklyn Bridge.

We hung out in Battery Park for a, stopped by Eric’s friends apartment, and finally caught the last bus back to Philly. It was a nice but extremely tiring day.

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9 Responses to Brooklyn for the Day

  1. Amanda says:

    My friend lives right on Prospect Park! I always take full advantage of those awesome running trails when I visit her!!

  2. Jackie says:

    I saw erics blog that dinner at Kate’s was terrible!? Oh noez, dat suxx!

    • Lauren says:

      It was terrible. :(
      Our waiter was absolutely horrible and so slow. Eric asked for a recommendation and he said 2 things then just walked away for like 10 minutes. I ordered garlic fries and never got them. But we couldn’t even flag down our waiter to remind him, and we were in a rush to get to the bus.

      • Jackie says:

        Oh no, sorry to hear that!! I can’t really speak of their dinner service but i haven’t had a bad experience with the staff during breakfast. I’m glad that lulas at least made up for that experience.

        They serve alot of faux shit and I know you and I have the same opinion on it but the French fries and pancakes make me feel like I’m eating at some punk rock ihop!

  3. I like the fun names of the restaurants. Especially ‘sNice. I like your coat too!

  4. jesse.anne.o says:

    That is the park I run in and hopefully soon they’ll repaint the lanes – bikes should be getting the left car lane and cars will have one lane (seriously, they should have none – it’s a park). I think the ped path is also being widened.

    I live close enough to Sun & Bloom but never go – the times I’ve been the staff has been flakey or slow. I do love ‘snice though – especially the vegan cuban or the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches.

    I am pretty over Kate’s – I only go if someone else has suggested it.

    • Lauren says:

      I had no idea cars could drive through there, that’s weird.

      We got to Sun & Bloom I think right after they opened. By the time we finished the place was packed with people standing around waiting for a table. I would try it out, but not put it on the top of your list!

  5. woop woop brooklyn! my boyfriend and i just moved to williamsburg. i am a total brooklyn convert. prospect park is so beautiful, isn’t it? i ran the rock ‘n’ roll 10k there last fall!

    • Lauren says:

      Ahh so jealous. I rarely spend time in Manhattan when I go up there, there is too much to do (and eat!) in Brooklyn. I really need to bring my bike up so I can get around faster.

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