Broad Street Training Weeks 1 and 2

I really want to hold myself accountable for some legit Broad Street training so I am going to  post my workouts every 2 or 3 weeks. Because there is nothing like the Internet to hold you accountable.

A few weeks ago I did some internet searching for a decent 10 mile training plan. I wanted something with a little higher mileage, but not too high. Honestly I can’t even remember where I found this plan, but I liked what each week had. It deals a lot with heart rate training, but I’m not really following that part. I printed out the schedule and taped each week in my planner. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that crossing off workouts.

Week 1 – I didn’t actually follow my training plan this week. I was coming back from a 2 week illness that kept me from working out, so I just wanted to get back into running.
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 4.5 miles
I ran along Delaware Ave. after work and had a pretty good run. I took it pretty slow, but was excited to be at it again.
Wednesday: 4 miles
I don’t even remember this run.
Thursday: Weights
This was my first time lifting in almost a month! I got to the gym before flying to Texas in the morning and kicked my own butt.
Friday: 4 miles
I can’t go to my parents and not run their dogs. The dogs are too much to handle at once, so I usually take Baxter for a longer run then drop him off and get Bueller for a 1 mile cooldown. They are a pain to run with, but they really enjoy it and I can’t deny their excitement.
Saturday: 5.5 miles
Another run switching off with the dogs.
Sunday: Off
Weekly total: 18 miles

Week 2 – I still had a cough and couldn’t use my full lung capacity, but I was determined to get my workouts in.
Monday: 5 miles, with 1/2 mile x 4 at 5k pace, 1/4 mile recovery
First speedwork session on the gym treadmill. I was supposed to run my 1/2 miles at 8min/mile pace but couldn’t. I kept them between 8-8:30. I am supposed to do this workout again next week so hopefully I can actually do it!
Tuesday: 45 minutes on the bike trainer
I fell in love with the bike trainer over the winter. I rode while watching an episode of Intervention.
Wednesday: 5 miles
I ran the Ben Franklin Bridge, which I hadn’t done in a couple of months. The south side is closed so I ran on the north side. It’s alright except the end part in NJ is like a cattle shoot. It was REALLY windy on this run and I lost my favorite headband.
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 4 miles, weights
I had a really good run on the gym treadmill and then did a few strength training exercises.
Saturday: OFF
Sort of, I think we walked over 10 miles in Brooklyn.
Sunday: 8 miles
I was in a pretty bad mood heading out and my legs were tired from the previous day. It wasn’t a good run but it wasn’t terrible either.
Weekly total: 22 miles

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love how your second week is 22 miles and I think my max week is 21 miles 😉 And this is why I’m slow…!

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