Broad Street Training Weeks 3 and 4







Week 3 – This week couldn’t have gone better. I hit all of my workouts and felt like I really gave it 100%.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 5 miles, with 1/2 mile x 4 at 5k pace, 1/4 mile recovery
I didn’t hit 8min/mile for the intervals, but I did hit 8:20min/mile and it didn’t feel THAT hard. It’s kind of a killjoy when you can’t hit your interval pace which is the pace I want to run 10 whole miles. But that’s what speedwork is for!
Wednesday: 6 miles
I packed a bag of clothes and went to Valley Forge State Park after work to run. It was nice to change up the scenery, but holy hills! I know hills will make me a stronger runner, but dang, they are hard.
Thursday: 5.5 miles
I went running in Valley Forge again after work. My legs were pretty beat from speedwork and hills, but I had a great run. I am going to try to run in VF atleast once a week.
Friday: 30 minutes on the bike trainer
I was pretty busy on Friday but squeezed in 30 minutes on the trainer after work.
Saturday: 10 miles
I’m glad that my long run was the same distance as Broad Street because it gave me a nice confidence boost. This run went really well. The weather was gorgeous. I ran a little over 5 miles into Fairmount Park and watched Eric and his team race. Hung around for about an hour then ran home. It was nice to break the run up like that.
Sunday: Weights
I woke up early and got to the gym right after they opened. I did a mix of free weights and machines.

Weekly total: 26.5 miles
Week 4 – Another solid running week. I didn’t get to do as much cross-training as I hoped but did get all of my runs in.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Ran 6.83 miles
Successful speedwork! The plan was 7 miles w/ 1 mile at race pace, 3 minute recovery. The treadmill stops at 60 minutes and I didn’t feel like restarting it just to run that .17 miles, but I did really well on the speedwork portion.
Wednesday: 6 miles
I ran on the treadmill again and had another great run. I was able to push the pace a bit so I guess that means I didn’t go fast enough with my speedwork from the day before. Oh well.
Thursday: OFF
Should have done strength training. Went and ate french fries and drank beer with a friend instead.
Friday: 4 miles + weights
I doubled up today since I took Thursday off. Ran an easy 4 miles then did some weights. I love lifting but I am in a rut right now. I should write out a plan and stick to it.
Saturday: Elliptical 45 minutes
Eric and I had plans of riding our bikes but that didn’t work out. I headed to the gym for a boring elliptical session.
Sunday: 8 miles
Pretty much a perfect run. I kept a slightly harder than normal long run pace but it felt good. Ran along Kelly Drive and admired all of the cherry blossoms.

Weekly total: 24.83 miles

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  1. I wish it were nice enough here to workout outside after work. I’m jealous of your weather!

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