Valley Forge State Park


Yesterday morning I had to drive Eric out to the suburbs before work. I work near King of Prussia and decided to wear my running clothes and get a run in at Valley Forge State Park. I’ve run VF a few times, but mostly after work or on the weekend, and it was completely different being out there in the morning.

I did not wear headphones or listen to any music. I saw a total of 4 people the entire time. The temperature was perfect, cool enough to keep the sweat away, but warm enough that you don’t need much clothing. My throat and lungs burned as I ran the hills and I kept saying I could stop at the top but never did (Ok I did stop to take this picture).

Most of my runs are not smooth, care-free, OMG I love running, types of runs. This was far from that, but besides that it was pretty much perfect in every other way.

I took a sink shower and headed into work, not really caring how my hair looked or that I was still a bit sweaty. But it’s nice to remember the good runs, the ones that make me actually like running.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    how lovely! i can’t believe i’ve lived in philly for 7 years and have never been out to valley forge!

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