The Weekend

I wasn’t planning on posting about the weekend but I had jury duty today and I’ve been sitting in a room for 4 hours bored out of my mind.

Eric was out of town the past few days and usually when he leaves town I lock myself in the apartment and become extremely anti-social.
But not this time! I actually got out and did stuff and hung out with friends!

Friday started off with a nice 7 mile run where I admired the cherry blossoms.


Then I went to work, but left early to go hang out with Leslie! I’m on my phone and can’t figure out how to link to blogs, but Leslie and I hadn’t hung out in forever. We grabbed some beers together.

not actually Kenzinger because it isn’t vegan!

I was lazy for most of Friday night and Saturday. I finished series 2 of Sherlock and got halfway through Workaholics. The cats did not complain.


I went out for a bit Saturday but headed home early because I ran 12 miles Sunday morning. Uneventful except that is my longest run since the Philly marathon.

Eric finally came home Sunday night and all was well in the world.

Welp the guy next to me has fallen asleep while waiting for the actual duty part. I’m hoping they let us go for lunch soon because I’ve had falafel on my brain all morning.

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  1. I just started series 2 of Sherlock last night and already wishing there more episodes. LOVE that show.

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