Broad Street Training – Weeks 7 & 8

First up…some marathon musings. Like thousands of other people I waited around yesterday constantly checking my email to see if I got into the New York Marathon. I did not.

I was already prepared that my chances were slim, but I was still a little sad when I got the not accepted email.
But! This just means I went ahead and signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon! I’m really excited to run Philly again. I won’t have to figure out race logistics, Eric can ride his bike along the course again, and I saved $150!

Back to Broad Street…it’s almost time! I am excited and looking forward to racing.


another photo not related at all to running, but definitely related to dollar store glasses and slurpees! 

Week 7 
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 7 miles
Speedwork! This consisted of 1mile x 3 at goal pace, 3 min recovery in between.
Wednesday: 6 miles
I ran an easy 6 miles on the treadmill.
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 14.25 miles
I worked from home that day so I was able to get my long run finished early on. Longest run since November. I really like long run because there is no pressure on pace or speed, I just go out and plod along. I ran from my apartment down spring garden, down the Schuylkill River Trail, back up to MLK Drive and did the loop, then back along Spring Garden home. The run went really well.
Saturday: 18 miles on the bike
Eric and I finally got out for a ride together. Rode around Fairmount Park and had a great time. Must ride my bike more.
Sunday: 6 miles
I woke up early and went to Wissahickon to run Forbidden Drive. It was really humid out but I love running that path so much.

Weekly total: 33.25 miles (wow!)

Week 8 – Ugh, this week just sort of fell apart. I got sort of sick. Not so sick that you can’t work out but still sick enough that I didn’t have a ton of energy. I just tried to break my runs up into smaller runs.
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 3 miles + weights
I went to the gym and ran an easy 3 miles and did a full body weights workout.
Wednesday: OFF
Woke up feeling sick.
Thursday: 5 miles
Went for an easy run outside just for some fresh air. I kept the pace really easy but I didn’t have a lot of energy.
Friday: 4.5 miles
Speedwork…sort of. I did my intervals but kept everything pretty short overall. It was still nice and I think beneficial to get some leg turnover in.
Saturday: 5 miles
Ran outside again but still felt crappy.
Sunday: 4 miles
Easy run at the gym.

Weekly total: 21.5 miles


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  1. bahaha you look like harry potter. i love it. dollar store strawglasses are amazing.

  2. I love the glasses and LOVE dollar stores!

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