Broad Street Training – Weeks 9 & 10

So I haven’t actually run the race yet, but I figured I would go ahead and wrap up this training posts today.20120504-134459.jpg

Week 9 – Because I was sick the week before I amended this weeks original plan to include a long run.
Monday: Bike Trainer 45 minutes
Probably watched an episode of Make It or Break It, I’m obsessed with that show.
Tuesday:5 miles, treadmill
Speedwork, I ran 1 mile x 2 at 8min/mile, with .5 mile recovery in between. Went well.
Wednesday: 10 miles along Kelly Drive
One last long run. I through in some faster than goal pace miles in the middle and felt really strong the entire run. This gave me a pretty big confidence boost.
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 5 miles, treadmill
Saturday: 25 miles on the bike
Rode with some friends along MLK Drive and Kelly Drive.
Sunday: 4 miles, treadmill
Really easy treadmill run.

Weekly total – 24 miles

Week 10 – Aww, sort of a taper week, which was good, because I have been feeling lazy all week.
Monday: 5.5 miles, around the neighborhood
Random run through the neighborhood and along the Delaware River. I didn’t really have a plan or a goal.
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 4 miles, treadmill
Pretty steady and easy run with a few minute long speed bursts.
Thursday: Bike Trainer for 30 minutes
Watching Make It or Break It.
Friday: 3 miles…which I still need to go run.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: BROAD STREET! Very excited!

I can’t wait to run Sunday. I’ve trained really well these past ten weeks (probably harder than for my marathons) and I am just excited about racing. I’ve been a bit worried about logistics and the crowds but I know everything will be fine.



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