Broad Street Run 2012

I suppose if your A. “probably not going to happen” goal for a race is 1:20 and your B. “this better happen” goal is 1:25 you did pretty well if you hit it right smack in the middle.


I know that pace isn’t that epic to a lot of people, but it’s fast for me and I worked hard to get there. I spent 10 weeks following a running schedule and I spent one day a week on the treadmill hating my life while running repeats. And I couldn’t be happier.

Eric was his usual superstar spectator. Unfortunately we only saw each once along the course but he stuck out there the entire time and cheered on all of our friends.

Overall the run went pretty well. I started out too fast and was feeling it by the 3rd mile, but then I slowed down and turned my Garmin so I couldn’t see the pace. I went really slowly through a Gatorade station at mile 8, I wish I had picked up the pace a bit! And I didn’t think I was running as fast as I was the last 2 miles.

I could tell the higher mileage I put in really helped. I never felt like I couldn’t run the 10 miles, and didn’t experience any pain associated with the distance. And as soon as I finished and had a bottle of water I felt completely fine.

We hung around the race till almost the end, watching different friends finish. Then we finally headed to lunch at Cantina Los Caballitos. It too forever to get our food which was really annoying.

And then we finally headed home after a really long day.

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement over the past 10 weeks! This was my first time actually trying to “race” and it makes me really excited about running this year. I have a 25k and a half marathon coming up within the next 3 weeks so I hope these legs are ready for some more damage.

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6 Responses to Broad Street Run 2012

  1. Amanda says:

    Congrats on that awesome time!! It was a perfect day to PR at Broad Street!

  2. Great job! Congrats!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Seriously…congratulations on the your time! That is so impressive! Good luck with your upcoming races.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Seriously…congratulations on your time! That is so impressive! Good luck with your upcoming races.

  5. Congratulations! That is a smokin’ time – it’s so awesome to see your hard work pay off. :)

  6. Kelly says:

    Way to go! You are so fast :) Looking at your numbers I am confused because we seem to have different totals for overall finishers and female finishers. I looked up my results on the BSR website- any ideas why they don’t match up?

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