Putting It Out There

So I bought a bike.


Isn’t she pretty?

I had such a fun time watching Eric race cyclocross last season that it was getting hard for me to just sit on the sidelines and cheer. I immediately starting saving money and searching online for a used bike. I started telling everyone that I was going to race next season.

We looked for months and months and never found anything. Then last weekend Eric was at a bike swap and came across this bike. It was waaaay out of my price range. But by the end of the day Eric negotiated the price down (although still over what I wanted to pay) and I went for it. I was sick of looking for a bike and this one was really nice (even Eric is jealous!).

So…now I actually have to get really good at riding bikes and learn all the extra stuff that comes with cross racing. Gulp. But I figured I should put it on the internet that I will race cross this season. So now there is no backing down.

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2 Responses to Putting It Out There

  1. Sarah says:

    EXCITING! What a gorgeous bike. I’m horrible at biking, but would love to be better. All I have is a get around town bike, but with all of Burlington’s hills…..well, I normally walk. Ha!

  2. That’s a beautiful bike! I’ve been considering getting into cycling myself. Not cross just yet though. You’re going to be great!

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