The Weekend

This has not really been my year. But summer seems to be off to a great start so I really hope this means things overall are going to start getting better. Trying to stay positive here…

We had another weekend full of great weather, and it was actually kind of chilly. Eric and I got up early Saturday morning and decided to take the cross bikes out. Eric injured himself a few weeks ago and hasn’t been able to ride much. The plan was to ride out to Belmont then Eric would stand around and ‘coach’ me.

20120604-103333.jpgHe stood under some shade and tried to teach me a few techniques for properly dismounting the bike while still moving. We then moved on to dismounting, jumping over a pretend barrier, then remounting the bike. And trying to make it all one fluid motion. I only fell a few times.

20120604-103345.jpgwatch out cross world, i’m coming for ya!


Later in the afternoon we went to another friend’s going away party. We seem to have a good amount of friends that are leaving for the summer. Our friend Alex is taking off across the US on his bike.

We hung out in our neighborhood park and I watched the guys play some kickball.



20120604-103356.jpg  20120604-103408.jpg

After a few hours they busted out the slip ‘n slide. It was actually kind of cold outside so I was surprised they went for it.

20120604-103513.jpg  20120604-103525.jpg

A few days ago Eric and I started watching Game of Thrones. This quickly turned into an addiction and we opted to stay in Saturday night to get as far as possible in season 2. The season finale aired last night and hopefully we can catch it this week!!

As far as running goes, I am kind of running without a plan right now. I’m trying to keep a good base mileage for the next 2 months before I start marathon training. I also want to get more into trail running because it’s a lot more fun! A friend suggested a Sunday morning run in Wissahickon and I was more than happy to go.

We tried to hit some of the trails but were unsuccessful in finding trails that connected to each other. There were a lot of dead ends. Maybe we need to go out with a seasoned person first?

20120604-103534.jpg  20120604-103544.jpg

After the run I quickly showered and biked over to Lemon Hill to watch the Philadelphia International Championship bike race. We had good seats underneath a large tree at the bottom of the hill.

20120604-103559.jpg  20120604-103608.jpg

Towards the end of the race someone brought out the American flag. Our friends took it upon themselves to run with the riders that had been dropped from the pack. They got lots of cheers from the crowd and I even saw a few riders crack a smile.

20120604-103617.jpg  20120604-103627.jpg

This past weekend was also the start of Philly Beer Week! We haven’t been to any events but I have my eye on a few this week. So let’s hope this week is filled with delicious beer.

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3 Responses to The Weekend

  1. Slip ‘n’ Slide!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scargosun says:

    I miss trail rides. When you could really work your way through the gears and use them to the best of your advantage on and around rocks, etc, it felt awesome. I think the last time I went though, I went over the handlebars. :)

  3. Melinda says:

    Game of Thrones! The first season was on TV here, a couple months after it finished in the US, and we got so into it that we started watching it online instead of waiting for the next episodes. We tried to start season 2 online last night but no luck, but it should be on TV here soon. Though I don’t know why I am so impatient…I am already 300 pages into book 3. :)

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