I had some free time last week so I decided to accomplish a goal I’ve had for a while, go out on a solo bike ride. I’m still not completely comfortable riding my road bike, and I usually go along with Eric or with friends. But lately I have been wanting to ride more, and people aren’t always available, so I decided to just suck it up and go alone.

I took the cross bike for my solo ride because I could ride the Kelly Drive Trail and then cut across to Wissahickon and ride Forbidden Drive. I’m still not great at clipping in and out so staying off major roads seemed to be my best option. I am loving the thicker tires on my cross bike because it allows me to go places my road bike can’t.

I covered a little over 35 miles and had a great time and actually did pretty well. There were no mechanical issues and I got to spend some quality time getting to know my bike.


And it was such a good time that 2 days later I went back out out on another solo ride. I did the same thing as before, but didn’t go as far and only covered 22 miles.


I spent the rest of the week pretty hyped up on my bike excursions so I was really excited when Eric offered to do a weekend road ride with me. I debated putting road wheels on my cross bike again, but then realized my road bike was probably getting jealous of sitting in the house.

Eric and I rode West River Drive to the Towpath to the Schuylkill River Trail up to Norristown. In Norristown we met up with some friends who were on a ride and rode back to the city together. All in all we covered 39 miles which was my longest ride to date (and not actually that long!).


My biggest problem with cycling is I am not consistent enough. I love it, but I don’t go often enough to get more comfortable and faster. I’m trying to make it out on the bike atleast 2 days a week, but hopefully more.

No weekend photos because we are busy getting ready to move. Besides the bike ride we spent most of the weekend packing and watching Homeland, another show we just started and are obsessed with!

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  1. I LOVE my solo rides around town on my cruiser bike. It goes slow as hell since it has a steel frame and weighs a million pounds. But that’s okay because I can sit back and ride like a pimp. :-) Glad you’re biking more!!

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