Babes on the Back Beach Ride

Things have been pretty hectic the last week or so. Eric and I just moved to a new place, but we’ve been taking our time with the move and I feel like our lives are in boxes in two different apartments. We had planned to use the weekend to organize the new place and clean the old place, but when a beach trip presented itself we thought that would be more fun! I had also planned on bringing my real camera, but forgot the memory card, so iPhone photos it is.

Our friends at Chin on the Tank (site not always safe for work) had planned a Babe on the Back Beach Ride to Long Beach Island. Originally we weren’t going to go because we don’t own a motorcycle, but found out a few people were going via cars so we tagged along.

The day was awesome and I am so happy we went. We had a huge group of people and the weather was really nice, the ocean wasn’t even that cold!


20120625-112400.jpg 20120625-112413.jpg

20120625-112436.jpgEric tested out the waters on a motorcycle. Check out his tan lines from his bike shorts! I think Eric is going to stick to bicycles though (don’t worry Mom and Mrs. G!).

20120625-112521.jpg 20120625-112532.jpg

Before heading back to the city we stopped at The Dutchman’s Brauhaus for a beer.


20120625-112610.jpg 20120625-112623.jpg

On our way home I was able to snap a few pictures of some of the riders, I especially like the last one of Juli and Adam.

20120625-112635.jpg 20120625-112644.jpg


20120625-112657.jpgThanks for the awesome beach day Adam!

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4 Responses to Babes on the Back Beach Ride

  1. Shannon says:

    This looks so fun! I haven’t gone to the beach in two summers, and I really have to turn that around.

  2. julianna says:

    THANKS FOR THE AWESOME PHOTO!!!! seriously the best taken all day. had so much fun!!!!!

  3. Kelly says:

    Hey Lauren! Just got back from a beginner’s bike maintenance class (still no confidence in my ability to change a flat…). I realized that I should probably buy some de-greaser and lube for my chain, and was wondering if you or Eric have any suggestions on vegan/enviro friendly ones? Sounds like you life has been as hectic as mine lately, but let’s try going for a ride sometime soon :)

  4. Scargosun says:

    You had a gorgeous day for that trip! I also LOVE that pic you mentioned. They need a nice copy of that. I can see stories being told from it about that day. Too cool!

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