Move Out Day

This past weekend Eric and I moved out of our first apartment in Philadelphia, and our first apartment together!

When we moved here three years ago we didn’t have a place to lived. We slept on a friend’s floor for a bit and then moved into a hotel for two weeks. We looked at countless apartments and most of them sucked. We weren’t expecting much when we looked at this place in Northern Liberties but we both loved it and immediately put in our application.

The move out was kind of bittersweet. I actually thought I would be pretty sad to leave, but by the time you have packed, moved, and cleaned, you kind of just want to be out of a place and done with it.

It was 100 degrees and we were all sorts of sweaty. Hence why Eric looks so angry in the below photos.

I will definitely miss the two stray cats the most, Ms. White and Oscar. They’ve been around for a while and we really got to know them the past few years. I hope someone else will start feeding them and I am sure I will walk over with food every once and a while (we are only three blocks away!).

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2 Responses to Move Out Day

  1. Shannon says:

    Sometimes moving can be bittersweet. I hope your new place brings all sorts of other fun new adventures!

  2. Sara says:

    I hope those stray kitties are ok. I’m glad you will still check on them. Have you asked neighbors to feed them?

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