Double Trouble 15k

I start marathon training in 3 weeks (yikes) and I’ve tried to keep a good base mileage so I can jump right in! There aren’t a lot of races during the summer, but when a friend told me about Double Trouble I was pretty excited to sign up.

The race has a 15 or 30k option and is put on by Pretzel City Sports and held in French Creek State Park, about 50 miles from Philadelphia. They are known for their more hardcore trail races, and with this race falling in the middle of the pain scale it did not disappoint! And even with the heat wave the weather was really nice for the race, and the majority of the trail is covered with trees.

This was only my second trail race but I am really enjoying running them. For the most part trail races are less expensive and have a more laid back approach. And trail racing is so much fun and the time flies by! It’s hard figuring out how to pace yourself, but sometimes the terrain paces you, especially this race with all of the hills and rocks.

We stayed with friends out in the suburbs so we didn’t have to wake up that early to make it to the race. Eric joined as the #1 spectator/race photographer.

I was feeling kind of meh when we got to the start (I was really tired and my left calf was all bruised up from dancing too hard).

And then my friend Liz showed up and I got really excited.

There was a neutral start with someone yelling go and off we went in the woods. The 15 and 30k split for the start and met up about a quarter mile later, just before our first steep uphill.
The race was a good mix of hills, rocks, and single track. The rocks…there were so many rocks.

There was one hill that was just too steep and rocky to run up. I swear it was about a mile climb and I was breathing so hard when we reached the top.

We ran around the gorgeous Hopewell Lake and it took a lot of effort to not just run and jump into it.

I came in a lot slower than I expected (damn you mile climb!) but felt really great and happy when I finished. Since there aren’t mile markers along the course you kind of get lost in your own head and coming up on the finish line is always a happy surprise. I got my finisher’s pint glass and a handful of Twizzlers.

French Creek State Park is also the home of Hopewell Furnace, a 19th century iron and coal plantation. After the race, Eric and I drove over to check it out.

And then I got distracted by the farm animals and spent most of the time hanging out with them.

This guy was a big show off.

And there was the cutest lamb that was lost from his mom and when he heard her he took off running down the hill to meet her.

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4 Responses to Double Trouble 15k

  1. Hi!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now. Never commented before, but am really intrigued by trail running. I’m a city girl and maintain a steady fear of twisting my ankle or slipping on loose rocks/wet roots. Does that fear go away? Or do you just run much more slowly?

    Always have lots of fun reading. Thanks!

    • Lauren says:

      Hey! I’ve never done any trail running besides the 2 races (I’m hoping to get out this weekend for my first trail training run!). I do run trails a lot more slowly, probably 2-3 minutes/mile slower than my road pace. I have learned a lot from watching the person in front of me during a race. I usually tend to mimic the path they take around rocks and roots. Sometimes it’s good/sometimes bad, but it has helped me tremendously just to watch others.
      Trail running is a lot more fun, I think! You are paying so much attention to the path that everything goes really quickly.

  2. This has to win the award for cutest post ever! :-) And congrats on finishing the 15K….someday, I’ll do that. Someday. :-)

  3. Kelly says:

    Oh that lamb, so precious! Trail runs are the best ever. Makes road running seem so boring.

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