Outer Banks

Eric and I just got back from a few days down in North Carolina at the Outer Banks. We went last year with our friend Andy’s family and they were kind enough to invite us back this year!
Beach photos are kind of a dime a dozen, but I managed to snap a few that I wanted to share.

The first day was overcast which was really nice. The next few days provided ample sunshine followed by epic thunderstorms at night. I tried to split my time evenly between the beach and pool and spent most of my time at both locations reading Insurgent. One night we explored an abandoned go-kart track. And for all of you who were concerned, Eric did bust out his Texas shorts on our last day.

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6 Responses to Outer Banks

  1. Shannon says:

    That little ghost crab is so cute!

  2. Pam Chesnutt says:

    Tell eric he is just so sexy in those Texas shorts. Don’t wear them here – i mat growl. Grrrr haha

  3. You were pretty close to me! I live in Wilmington, not too far from the Outer Banks. And I love those shots of the storm – weather on the coast is crazy!

  4. Laine says:

    My boyfriend and I were just came back from a vacation there as well! Actually we were in Philadelphia for the first time also and loved it. Loved, loved, loved Philly!

  5. Nancy Carr says:

    Great pictures of the storm! We loved having you & Eric with us. Come visit some time.

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks for having us! We really enjoyed our time in OBX.

      I’ll make Eric take a trip to Downingtown…especially since I have yet to go there!

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