White Clay Creek State Park + Home Grown Cafe

We had no plans this weekend so when Eric suggested a bike adventure Sunday morning I was pretty excited. We woke up a little bit before 8, caught the end of the men’s Olympic marathon (so happy for Meb!), then loaded up the car and drove about 45 minutes to White Clay Creek Park in Delaware.

White Clay is mostly dirt trails, with a few gravel paths, so we took our cross bikes. My first cross race is about a month away, so I was excited to get out there and work on my (lack of) skills.

The coolest part about White Clay is you would be in a dense wooded part then the trail would pop out into an open field.

Unfortunately the first path we took was a little too intense for me. I fell within a 5 minutes of getting on my bike and I spent most of the time holding on for dear life, riding my brakes, and walking my bike. Atleast Eric was a great coach and didn’t seem to mind that I was so scared.

We headed back to the car to refill our water bottles then headed out onto another trail. Luckily we picked a great trail for the second half of the ride and I had a ton of fun riding all the singletrack.

Eric even had be practice jumping over a barrier.

I’m not quite ready for my first race…but I’m getting there!

Post ride we were starving and drove into downtown Newark, DE to eat at Home Grown Cafe. Eric had looked up a few places to eat before we left and we thought this might be a great place. They had a pretty extensive menu with a bunch of vegan and vegetarian options all clearly marked. They even use vegetables from our CSA!

We started with an order of buffalo wings that came with an oddly amazing wing sauce.

And I ordered the Falafel Wrap and Eric ordered the All American Veggie Burger.

All the food was great and I definitely recommended Home Grown Cafe if you ever find yourself in Newark, DE! The downtown was really cute too, and it was bustling for a Sunday afternoon.

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7 Responses to White Clay Creek State Park + Home Grown Cafe

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love White Clay Creek park! I go to school and teach at the university, so I’m in Newark pretty often. Home Grown is definitely the best place to eat in that town.

  2. I’m so scared of trail riding! It does make me feel better, though, to hear you talk about falling so casually. Maybe it’s just a part of the game?

    • Lauren says:

      Uugh, falling. I think I have just accepted that it’s going to happen and I’m trying to make myself be ok with it. Luckily I haven’t had any bad falls, and most of the time you are on grass which isn’t AS bad as pavement!

  3. Wow! Those wings look really, um, wing-like! And the burger looks yummy all topped with (Daiya? looks like it) cheese. As for biking, it amazes me how light those cross bikes are! I only have a heavy-ass cruiser bike, and I can’t imagine picking it up in one hand and jumping over a tree! I can’t even pick my bike up with two hands!

    • Lauren says:

      Yes Daiya! The burger was really yummy, we weren’t sure if it was going to be a frozen patty or fresh, so it was a nice surprise to get an fresh burger.

      Sometimes the weight throws me off too. Especially if I have been using my commuter bike which is pretty heavy.

  4. Julie says:

    I love white clay creek state park! I went to school at UD and used to run on Creek road almost everyday. Really got to get back and visit one of these days.

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