Practicing ‘Cross

Alright, more bike talk.

I am super duper lucky that there are a few local cyclocross (cx) practices. That, coupled with Eric’s patience and knowledge, is helping me out a lot. This week I have able to make it out to two different practices, and to say I was nervous would be a HUGE understatement, but both went great!

Monday night was grass track practice at Belmont Plateau. It’s a sort of circle and people just ride around it. But it’s nice to practice turns and riding in grass. We had a small women’s field and it was my first time even riding around other people. The men’s field was pretty large and it was fun watching all of them.

Then last night Eric and I went to practice a cx course a local bike shop set up. It was raining on the ride out to Fairmount Park, so the course was pretty muddy and slippery by the time we started riding. Not ideal, but great for learning!

Learning all of this has been pretty overwhelming. I am kind of just taking it sloooow right now and figuring out my bike. I fell twice last night, but the slowness plus grass/mud made it not too bad. I kind of just take the small victories when riding, haha. But everyone is always really nice and helpful, which is encouraging and keeps me going.

I’m still running and marathon training, I’m at about 30 miles a week right now. So far doing both hasn’t been an issue. Riding has been a nice break from running and it’s been a good way to flush the lactic acid out of my legs. I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep both up, but hopefully I’ll be able to do a few more cx races.

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  1. That looks so fun! I need to get a Cyclocross bike!

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