The Weekend

Nothing of particular importance happened this weekend but I did manage to take a few photos. I haven’t really shared weekend photos lately and wish these were more interesting, but oh well!

After a pretty low-key Friday night, Eric and I woke up early Saturday morning and rode our bikes into Center City for breakfast at Green Eggs. There’s a Green Eggs in our neighborhood but a friend works at the one on 13th street, so we like to frequent it to visit him.

I really like Green Eggs, but you have to get there so early. We try to get there before 9am. If you arrive later than 10, good luck getting a table! Ha.
Eric and I went with our favorites, vegan french toast and vegan burrito.

I also realized that the cats haven’t been on the blog lately! They are alive and well. For some reason they didn’t adjust as well to this move, maybe because they are getting older, but they seem to finally be settling in.
I don’t take as many photos of Kitta because she is so hard to photograph since she is so black! Even though she is not as photogenic as Grissom, I love them equally.

Grissom hammed it up for the camera as usual. His new favorite spot is on the rug in front of the front door. It’s a real convenient spot for all of us (not).

Speaking of the move, I am going to out myself here and post a few pictures of our apartment, which show how little we have done since moving in. I am actually embarrassed. We did the initial unpacking, then just stopped. We still have boxes. I haven’t hung or decorated anything.
BUUUT…Eric did make an effort to hang some of the bikes! Bike storage is our biggest issue, and sadly this is about half of our bikes.

that door is to the patio, so they aren’t totally in the way here

And here is a picture of our kitchen. Which still isn’t finished. I need to buy a lot of baskets to hide stuff in. But I really love our new kitchen!

Sunday morning we were up early again to attend a cyclocross clinic. The clinic was packed with people and I learned so much. A lot of technical stuff and I am already getting nervous for my first race.

A lot of our friends were at the clinic too! I think that is what I am enjoying most about cyclocross, the social aspect. Running can be such a lonely sport, so it’s been fun going to weekly practices and weekend rides and hanging out with friends. I’ve met a lot of people too, which is something I’ve struggled with since moving to Philadelphia (uhh 3 years ago).
After the clinic we rode around some more, then the boys decided to show off.

After riding, we came home and actually tried to get a few things done around the apartment. We were feeling lazy for dinner so I made an easy favorite. Flat bread with artichokes, chickpeas, and red peppers.
I made the flat bread with this recipe:

I mixed the chickpeas, artichokes, and red peppers with some olive oil and spread them out on a baking sheet. I put it under the broiler for about 10 minutes, checking and stirring every few minutes.

Once those were finished I put the flat bread under the broiler for a few minutes. We then added some arugula to the chickpeas mixture and scooped with bread.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how cats find the most convenient places to lie?

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