‘Cross Camp

Eric and I spent Labor Day weekend down in Maryland riding bikes. We were lucky enough to be invited by another team to their annual team cyclocross camp. To sum up the weekend it was a lot of camping, cycling, hanging out, grilling, drinking beer, eating Sour Patch kids, and just having a good time.

One of the teammate’s parents live on a few acres in the country, a bit outside of Baltimore. They are some pretty special people to allow ~15 people to camp in their yard and ride bikes all over their property.

I can’t remember the last time I went camping, but it was a lot of fun sleeping outdoors each night. I really need to invest in a mattress pad if I ever want to camp again.

The course went all over the yard and had some grass, dirt, lots of turns, and few barriers…all things I need to practice for this upcoming season! I really like watching the faster guys ride and tried to pick up a tip or two.

Eric’s moving up into a faster field this year so it was good practice for him to keep up with the fast guys.

And I am still a slow poke so I just kind of did my own thing and practiced a lot.

But there were a bunch of donkeys next door that I stopped at a few times.

One afternoon we hopped on the bikes and rode down the street to get ice cream and snowballs.

And we also found Topo Chico at the local grocery store!!!

All in all a really fun weekend and I am feeling loads more confident on the bike…although my butt is really sore.

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6 Responses to ‘Cross Camp

  1. Fun! Especially that part about sno-cones and sour patch kids!!

  2. Eric. says:

    Looks like we need to straighten your bars!!

  3. rachuuuul wart says:

    If you’re camping near trees, try a hammock! Hammock camping has saved my back. I’m a big fan of the Eno hammocks, and they pack up nice and small.

    • Lauren says:

      ooh good idea on the hammock! i’ve been wanting to get one for a while. i think i could maybe even set it up on my patio. there is also a hammock store around the corner that regularly has them for 50% off.

      we did go to rei this weekend and look at some camping stuff. on one hand i’m not sure if i am ready to invest in camping stuff, but on the other, i can’t really even go camping without camping stuff!

      and finally, i miss you so much! i hope we can figure out a time to meet up in the next few months. plane tickets have been really expensive lately, but i think i am do for an austin trip.

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