Charm City

We spent the weekend in Baltimore for, surprise, surprise, a cyclocross race. I opted out of racing this past weekend. My bike is still broken from last weekend, and I have been having some back/sciatic nerve issues. But Eric planned to race Saturday and Sunday and we had a bunch of friends racing as well.

We drove down Saturday morning and it took us a little under two hours to get from Philly to Druid Hill Park, the location of the race. Eric did his warm up and I hung out with some friends. Then a little after 1pm Eric’s race started. Because he did well last weekend, he was able to get a call up to start near the front of the pack (which is great when your field is 125 people deep).

I ran around the course cheering and calling out his number position. The course at Charm City was pretty intense. There were stairs, two sand pits, and some large barriers.

Eric placed 18th in his field which is awesome! Some of the guys placing in front of him are pro road cyclists and collegiate cyclists, so Eric is holding his own quite well.

Since it was a double header weekend we decided to stay overnight and booked a hotel room downtown with some friends. Eric got a great deal on a nice hotel, and I am sure they loved seeing us come in with a bunch of dirty bikes. We all cleaned up and then headed out to dinner.

Baltimore didn’t seem to have that many vegan restaurants, but Eric stumbled upon Johnny Rad’s and it seemed like the best option.
Black Flag logo, loads of beer, and pizza with vegan and omni options…SOLD!

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was happy to find a place that felt like a good mix of a bar and restaurant. And we were really happy to find the skeeball machines!

We all got some pies and a couple of other things and everything was great!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the best part, pool, hot tub, and a sauna! All the guys were pretty excited about the hot tub and sauna for their tired muscles.

Unfortunately Day 2 didn’t go as great. Eric started the race and was doing really well, then hit his ankle pretty bad and ended up dropping out. He thought he might have broken it (luckily he didn’t and it’s fine now!) and for Eric to drop out means it must have hurt pretty bad.
We stayed after for a bit and cheered on friends then drove back home.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I lived in Baltimore for a year and somehow never made it to Johnny Rad’s. It was really bizarre.
    There aren’t a ton of vegan restaurants, but if you go back you should go to Land of Kush! It’s a great all vegan, soul food place.

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