Philadelphia Marathon Training Weeks 5-8

Week 5 – my main goal this week was getting in my long run before heading away to cyclocross camp. Overall it was a successful week!

M: 4 easy miles on the treadmill, strength and mobility exercises
Ugh, I woke up with a very sore/aggravated hip. It actually didn’t bother me while running, but when I would sit it would really hurt. I stretched and foam rolled and took it easy. Luckily the pain went away over night.
T: 7 miles on the treadmill
I did one of my favorite interval workouts. 1m w/u, 3×400, 3×800, 3×400, 1m c/d. It’s physically pretty tough, but since it’s broken up into 3 parts it doesn’t seem as tough.
W: Rest
T: 13 miles
Great long-ish run. Pretty uneventful but felt great.
F: 6m tempo on the treadmill
Wanted to do a tempo run on tired legs. Overall it went pretty good.
S: Cross Camp
S: Cross Camp
Not sure on exact mileage while at camp but probably rode ~15 miles each day.

Week 6 – Pretty normal week, things went as planned.

M: Rest
T: 6 miles easy
W: 4 miles easy, strength and mobility exercises
T: 4 miles easy
F: 6.5 miles hill
Did some hill intervals on Lemon Hill
S: Rode 10 miles
Easy ride.
S: 14 miles
I ran part of the marathon course and tried to incorporate all of the hills in Fairmount Park.

Week 7 – I hit my highest weekly mileage ever! And did my first cross race.

M: 4 miles easy
T: 8 mile tempo run
I hate tempo runs. But I have decided that those are more beneficial than interval runs, so I am trying to do them.
W: 4 miles easy, rode 16.5 miles
Ran easy in the morning then went to the weekly cross practice. It was a nice confidence boost for the weekend’s race.
T: 7 miles easy
F: Rode 11 miles
Easy ride to shake out my legs.
S: Rode 10 miles
First cross race! Didn’t go as planned, but I survived.
S: 16 miles
Ugh. Not fun. It was early and dark. I was sore and tired.

Week 8 – This week sucked. My sciatic nerve/piriformis hurt ALL WEEK. I had to cut runs short and take days off. I also started a new job (yay!). The job has better hours and an awesome commute, but starting it still threw me off some.

M: Rest
T: 8 mile tempo
Still hate tempo runs.
W: 6.5 mile hill (sort of)
T: 4 miles easy
I was in a lot of pain during this run. The smart thing would have been to rest, but I pushed through.
F: 4 miles easy
Another stupid run, because it would have been more beneficial to just stop and rest.
S: Rest (injured)
S: Rest (injured)

**I went to the doctor this week and confirmed that it is sciatic pain and not piriformis. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Unfortunately you can’t really stretch/roll out nerve pain, so I am taking some anti-inflammatories and have some exercises to help lessen the impact on my lower back.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    I’m so impressed by your mileage! I hope the anti-inflammatories work. I struggle with lower back pain too, and it sucks.

    I also hate tempo runs and usually default to intervals, but you’re right – I think tempo runs are better for gaining speed. Maybe I’ll do one today. Maybe… :)

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