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This past weekend I raced in my second cx race that went surprisingly almost exactly like my first (not a good thing). WhirlyBird was in a new location this year, Bensalem High School, which was an easy 30 minutes drive from us. We still went to the race pretty early because they hosted a free women’s clinic that I wanted to participate in.
The clinic pre-road the course together and I wasn’t feeling that great about it. There were a lot of tight turns, off camber stuff, and the grass was pretty slick. But besides that, the course provided some nice technical sections and a few good recovery sections.

I hadn’t ridden my bike in two weeks because it had been broken since the last race. I signed up pretty late for this race, since I wasn’t sure if my bike would be ready, and when they placed us at the start I was in the back row. This ended up being a good thing because there were 2 crashes in the first part of the race that I was able to avoid.

I finished my first lap and was feeling pretty good about the course. I was picking people off and was able to ride up the few short and steep hills I had been worried about. I was riding my second lap when I came into a turn and my bike just slid out from under me. Eric happened to be right there and caught the lovely moment.

I quickly recovered and hopped back on the bike only to discover that my brake lever was completely broken. Atleast I’ve been lucky to break my bike near the pit, so I rode into the pit and hopped on Eric’s too large for me single speed.

As I was coming back around I saw and heard Eric in the pit and he had procured our friend Ryan’s bike for me. I quickly swapped out bikes and finished the race on a slightly smaller, but still too big, single speed.

Any goals I have had for this year are out the window. My current goal is just to finish a race on my own bike. This 3 bikes in 1 race business is getting old.

After my race I got changed, ate some lunch, and got ready for Eric’s race to go off. He’s been doing well and got “called up” into the second row at the starting line.

I headed back over near the barriers where our friends had set up a nice cheering/heckling section. Overall, Eric’s race was a ton of fun to watch. There were lots of shenanigans going on including hand-ups with beer and dollar bills. We had a prime viewing spot.

Eric rode really hard but had a few crashes throughout the race (the grass got pretty slick later in the day).

He ended up 13th out of ~125 people. His best finish so far this year!

I have 2 or 3 more races I want to do this month before putting ‘cross on hold for the marathon! The marathon is only 7 weeks away so training is about to really ramp up.

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  1. krista says:

    you guys are bad asses! I can’t wait to spectate the marathon :)

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