The Weekend

I haven’t really been posting because nothing of interest has really been going on. My life is pretty much on a loop of work, run, eat, sleep, with a cross race thrown in on the weekend. I’ve been trying to enjoy this marathon training cycle, but ugh, I am just over it. I’m still excited about the marathon, but just running all the time is getting old.

But I wanted to have a fun weekend so I set out after work on Friday to get my long run done. It wasn’t awesome because it was kind of hot and humid, but I got it done and was ready to have a fun weekend.
First up, Eric and I headed to Blackbird Pizzeria for dinner. They just re-did their menu and post-run I was ready to pig out. We got wings, chicken parm sandwich, and potato pizza. All vegan of course. I stuffed myself silly.

Some friends met us back at our house and we immediately headed out to Standard Tap for some beers. I haven’t been out drinking on a weekend night in forever and it was glorious and amazing. I didn’t even care that I stayed up past my bedtime.

And then we woke up Saturday morning and went to breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe. And I demolished the vegan french toast. Marathon hunger is in full force.

After breakfast we stayed home all day and did nothing and it was one of the best Saturdays in a while. I did some cleaning, a lot of tv watching, a little napping, and got all of our winter stuff out of the basement. I got in bed early and read my book for about an hour then crashed.

Sunday morning we were up early and headed out near West Chester for what I was planning on being my last cross race till after the marathon. Eric and I got there early and pre-rode the course. There were a few tricky areas and two steeps hills I was pretty worried about.
The ‘C’ race was first and it was fun just hanging out and watching our friends race.

Eric’s race, the ‘B’ race, was next. Coming out of the start Eric was leading the pack, which was pretty exciting. For the entire race he was with 4 other guys and they just kept switching positions. I was really hoping he would pull ahead, but in the end the other guy’s where faster and Eric ended up 4th.

Not bad and he won some money ($15) and a bottle of wine!

A bit later was my race.

I started off feeling pretty strong and was holding steady around 9th place. My first lap went great and I passed a lot of people. Then in the middle of the second lap I fell, and fell pretty hard on my right knee. I immediately got up but couldn’t really run, my knee/leg had locked up. I hopped back on my bike and tried to pedal, but there was just too much throbbing pain.

With the marathon coming up I decided to drop out, aka DNF. I actually felt really embarrassed and like a quitter. I hobbled back over to our area and Eric got me some ice. I was really bummed watching the rest of the race and was feeling really down on myself for dropping out. It really wasn’t how I wanted this to end.

By the end of Sunday I realized stopping probably was the best decision. I’m sure I could have pushed through the pain, but who knows what the cost would have been. By Sunday evening my knee was swollen and bruised, and it still hurt to walk and bend. And it still hurts this morning, so I guess it was a good choice.

So now I am thinking of doing one more race before the marathon.* I guess it depends on how I feel in 2 weeks.

*Does not include super awesome, non sanctioned race I am doing next weekend.

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  1. Yep, you definitely made the right choice! You don’t need some knee injury in your way on race day! :-) Good luck!!!!

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