Philadelphia Marathon Training Weeks 9-12

20121026-085053.jpgPhoto from my 20 mile run

This marathon cycle has been weird. I just haven’t been that excited about it. Until now, when training is almost over. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and it really shows in my training. It seems like I will have a good week, followed by a bad week. Over and over. I have been trying to do some 9-10 milers during the week, which I think will help a lot in the end.

Regardless, here are the past 4 weeks of training.

Week 9 – Overall this was an excellent training week.
M: 9m tempo
T: 6.5m
Ran over the Ben Franklin Bridge. My sad attempt at a hill workout.
W: Rest
T: Rest
F: 4m
S: CX Race
S: 18m
This long run was a huge confidence booster. I ran on really tired legs from the previous day’s ‘cross race. I was pretty stiff the first half, but I was able to keep a decent and steady pace. I figure if I can run that long on tired legs that I am doing ok with this training.

Total: 37.5

Week 10 -It got really hot and humid this week and I started having some issues with my hip. I figured it was better to rest then push through it. It was also just a really busy week overall, so I honestly didn’t have a lot of time to get runs in. So it was a sad excuse for a training week.
M: Rest
T: Rest
W: 6m
T: 9m
F: Rest
S: CX Race
S: 12m

Total: 27

Week 11 -And following last week’s bad week, this week was great! I hit my highest mileage ever and felt really strong all week. Running 20 miles on tired legs felt great.
M: Rest
T: 10m
W: 9m
T: Rest
F: 4m
S: 20m
Another great long run. I ran with my friend Liv and the miles flew by and we ran part of the marathon course (tried to hit the few hills). I finished up the last few miles at a sub-9min/mile pace and felt good.
S: Rest

Total: 43

Week 12 -And a downer week. I had grand plans, but they didn’t work out.
M: 5m
T: 8.8m
W: 8.8m
T: Rest
F: 12m
I had high hopes for this run. I was excited to set off for around 16 miles after work and get my long run out of the way. And then it ended up being really hot and humid and there were gnats everywhere and I quit early. It was overall a decent run, I just wish it had been longer.
S: Rest
S: CX Race
The race where I messed up my knee. It’s still bruised and swollen and hurts to bend. Running doesn’t seem to bother it though.

Total: 34.6

I’ve had a bad attitude the entire training cycle and I don’t know why. I gave myself an attitude check last week though. No one is forcing me to run this marathon. No run is forcing me to do these training runs. All of this was MY CHOICE. I thought about if I wanted to drop down to the half, and I didn’t. So I decided to suck it up and enjoy running while I can. I think with MCM and NYCM coming up it will get me really excited and pumped up to run Philly.

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