Spooky X

The hurricane came and went and besides some wind and rain not a lot happened in Philadelphia, thankfully. But I wanted to post about some fun we had before the hurricane…Spooky X!

This past weekend was the Philly Bike Expo which unfortunately we have missed in previous years since moving to Philly. The plan was to head to the expo when it opened on Sunday morning, do a quick lap, then meet outside for a group ride to an “underground” cyclocross race.

We did a group ride through the city over to some abandoned ship yard on the Delaware River. I had always wanted to check out this area, but it’s known to be a little sketchy. So I was happy to do some exploring pre-hurricane with a large group.

We all gathered and paid our 6-pack entry fee then did a pre-ride as a group. I participated in the pre-ride, but my legs were a little sore from running 20 miles the day before and my knee was still bothering me from falling, so I decided to sit out on the actual race (I was also the only other girl and knew I couldn’t keep up with the guys at all).

I had a good time heckling, exploring, and passing out vegan bacon to the racers…some enjoyed it, others hated it. I might have given a beer to a racer or two as well.

Hurricane outfit…

Post-race we walked over to an old dock that had a really nice view of Philly.

The beer was flowing and things got a little crazy…

Eric came in 4th place and they had some really awesome prizes he got to choose from.

We stayed for a bit longer hanging out until the rain started to move in, then we rode our bikes home.

Spooky X was one of the most fun races I have been too. It was small, but filled with awesome people just having a good time.

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