Xmas Follies + Bilenky Junkyard Race

A little late posting, but last weekend was one of the most fun bike (or not) related weekends. The official cyclocross season is pretty much done in the Philly area, but there were two local non-sanctioned races.

First up, Saturday morning, was Xmas Follies. Eric and I rode over to the cx course in some Christmas flair intending to spectate but not race.

Then the women’s race lined up and I was peer-pressured into racing, nevermind that I had already started drinking. Oh well, it was all in good fun and I carried a beer around with me and was DQed because of “cheating.” It was a great time.

Eric was equally peer-pressured into racing and his race turned just crazy. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Post race there was a nice “picnic” area set up with some snacks and drinks.

Sunday morning was the Bilenky Junkyard Race which is always a favorite (previous posts here and here). I was looking forward to racing for the first time!

We got there a bit before the first race to pre-ride, then go to spectating. I was excited to see the van run-through make an appearance again. (also, please note what my lovely boyfriend is wearing on the right hand side).

There were blow up dolls.

Our friend Rich showed up looking scarier than scary.

The tandom bike was out in full force.

And finally, Eric…outfitted in a hard hat borrowed from a friend, a reflective vest he found in the middle of the road, and my SHORT shorts.

Definitely a fun day. I had a blast racing and cheering friends on.

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  1. Cole says:

    Looks like so much fun! Awesome outfits

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