Christmas 2012

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 Like usual, I flew back to Texas for Christmas. This holiday was extremely low-key and I only left my parent’s house a few times.

On Saturday evening I joined my parents at their friends for a liquor white elephant gift exchange. I somehow lucked out and received this AMAZING bottle of Jim Beam from 1972. I don’t think I could have walked away with a better bottle.


My parent’s still have 2 ridiculous dogs. They usually go everywhere.

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 My parent’s threw their annual Christmas Eve party, but we were able to get a few family pics before the festivities happened.

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 Ridiculous dogs are ridiculous.


And magically we woke up to snow on Christmas morning. There had been talks of it snowing a bit but we didn’t think it would happen. I love snow and it made it a pretty perfect Christmas.

Bueller and I went outside to investigate. He loves snow and had a blast rolling in it.


My mom offered to make breakfast and threw out a ton of options, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, waffles, etc. but the only thing that sounded good was breakfast tacos. So breakfast tacos we had. With a side of champagne.


After we did Christmas, my brother and I bundled up and took the dogs over to the golf course so they could run around in the snow. It was really cold and windy so we didn’t survive that long.


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 And that was pretty much it. A vacation full of nothing. On  my last day somehow the dogs knew I was leaving before I even packed my bags. Bueller wouldn’t leave my side and followed me everywhere.


After a delayed flight, a canceled flight, and begging to be put on another flight, I finally made it back to Philly late last night.

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